Refining your product offering

One of the easy mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is to offer too many services. I myself have been guilty of this. For me, I think that a critical component to success is to have income from a various sources as I have mentioned before. That said each source should frankly be insanely simple.

So when you are defining what you do don’t let random requests or suggestions derail your main contribution. The fact is in today’s market there are people online offerings many many products and services. So dumb it down and make yours the best it can be before growing.

Make sure yours will solve a problem that your clients have. Not a problem you think they may have. This will give you something every new business looks for… Credibility.

This alongside your integrity (doing what you say you’ll do) are the two characteristics that can and will set you apart from your competition. So step back and look at what you do, solicit opinions, get advice and make sure what you do is awesome! Good luck!