Are you too scared to start a business?

There are a couple of reasons why entrepreneurs don’t succeed. But the main two seem to be #1 fear and #2 failure to start.

Fear can lead to the inability to act is what stops most businesses from starting. But guess what? It’s fixable! You can conquer your fear. Sound like phooey? Yup… I kind of think so too but as someone who has been there and done that, let me tell you, you CAN do it!

You have a vision where you’ll have a website, sell a product or service, you’ll tweet and blog, you’ll hire an accountant, you’ll have business cards printed, you’ll network at events, you’ll hang your shingle out, you’ll, you’ll, you’ll… and then you don’t.

Why? Wasn’t the product or service good enough? Wasn’t the website well designed? Weren’t the business cards ready? Are there no accountants in your town? Nope… none of the above… You didn’t start because you started your vision at the end of the chain. You saw the storefront and lineups at cash BEFORE the first conversation with the first potential customer. You saw piles of bills and staff and rent and a new computer and a logo. You saw a million things just jump onto your “to do” list and you freaked out.

Am I right? Did you actually start at the end not the beginning… were you suddenly overwhelmed by the MASSIVE list of things that YOU need to do to make it happen? I certainly did. I was a massive success, on the radio, networking with business leaders, thinking about how I’d be a great boss while optimizing my blog for Google searches and I immediately slammed on the brakes!

I did what we all do – I got excited and carried away and had momentum but it was all in my head and I stopped. So how do you start again?

You do this. You take baby steps. First you start talking to people. You may think you have a fabulous product or service and EVERYONE wants and needs it and you throw it out at a dinner party and BAM… silence! That sounds “interesting” say your friends… Uh Oh!

So how about trying this… you have a product or service niche, lets say you want to make a children’s game, how about saying to your friends “What is the one thing that you’d most look for in a child’s game?” See what they say… people love to talk and love to share their ideas. Your network is a fountain of information. Take the good, the bad and the ugly and mash it all together to make it yours. Take ideas from everyone. This is your market research and it wont cost you a dime. Take it, refine it, make it yours and see if you can sell one.

That’s right, forget the website and blog posts and optimization and pricing models (for now) and just try to sell your idea. Now I should preface this by saying I don’t mean sell it to your mom who will buy no matter what. Find a stranger and see if they will buy your product or service. Take your game into a children’s store and see if they will buy it.

Okay, I can tell the fear is creeping back in… you are thinking… but I am not a sales person.  You are thinking I can’t sell stuff. Here is the long and short of that.

Everyone in every job is in sales. If you are a teacher you are selling your curriculum to the students and parents. If you work in a marketing department, you are selling your ideas to your boss. You, my friend, are already in sales whether you know it or not.

Make sense? Baby steps. A sale is NOT a “tie them to the chair until they say yes” transaction. It’s a recommendation or suggestion for an item that addresses and solves a problem.  When you approach a “sale” this way it takes the edge off.

So in a nutshell, don’t run from fear, don’t let fear derail you or your idea. Your idea is JUST AS GOOD AS THE NEXT GUYS. The question is who acts on it? If you need a few extra bucks in your pocket get out there. You just need one buyer to start! You don’t need to be first to market or the most original. You just need to share with others. Now get out there and Good Luck!